How to use the command line interface

Deposit Quote

Note: This page describes how to use the 'mtcli' command line executable. This binary is currently available for Linux only

To use mtcli from the command line, you must have a synced Microtick node and you need to set the MTROOT environment variable to the same directory your synced node is using, for example:

$ export MTROOT=$HOME/testnet


$ mtcli tx microtick quote-deposit <quote id> [token amount]


Deposits backing to a quote and adjusts the corresponding quantity and consensus weighted average. Only the quote provider can deposit additional backing to the quote.

Quote Invariants

There are restrictions involved when depositing or withdrawing backing for a quote. These are called the "2x Invariants" and are as follows:

  • Spot 2x limitation.  A quote cannot be updated such that it will become a free call or put on the resulting order book. This protects the party placing the quote as well as limits the spot to be within 2x of the quoted premium of the resultant consensus.