How to use the command line interface

Limit Trade

Note: This page describes how to use the 'mtcli' command line executable. This binary is currently available for Linux only

To use mtcli from the command line, you must have a synced Microtick node and you need to set the MTROOT environment variable to the same directory your synced node is using, for example:

$ export MTROOT=$HOME/testnet


$ mtcli tx microtick trade-market <market_id> [duration] [call |put] [limit] [maxcost]


Creates a trade by matching all quotes with a current dynamic premium of less than <limit>. Quotes will be matched in different order based on whether call or put is specified due to the way quote premium is dynamically adjusted based on consensus price. You can specify the max cost in tokens to pay to limit the amount of quantity that is matched. Note that Cost = Premium * Quantity and is summed on a quote-by-quote basis since each quote will typically have a different premium.


5minute, 15minute, 1hour, 4hour or 12hour

Call | Put

Verbatim "call" or "put"


Max premium to pay. Example: "1.2premium"

Max Cost

Max token amount to pay for trade. Example: "2.5dai".