How to use the command line interface

Query Consensus

Note: This page describes how to use the 'mtcli' command line executable. This binary is currently available for Linux only

To use mtcli from the command line, you must have a synced Microtick node and you need to set the MTROOT environment variable to the same directory your synced node is using, for example:

$ export MTROOT=$HOME/testnet


$ mtcli query microtick consensus <market_id>

Market: ETHUSD
Consensus: 174.378339539022225102spot
Sum Backing: 500.000000000000000000dai
Sum Weight: 257.972167616586821359quantity


Returns an abbreviated snapshot of the current state of a microtick market.





Market name that was queried


Current consensus spot price

Sum Backing

Sum of all the token backing of all quotes currently active on the market.

Sum Weight

Sum of the weights (another name for quantity) of all quotes currently active on the market. For an individual quote, weight (quantity) is equal to token backing / (10 * premium) where 10 is the hardcoded leverage factor.