How to use the command line interface

Settle Trade

Note: This page describes how to use the 'mtcli' command line executable. This binary is currently available for Linux only

To use mtcli from the command line, you must have a synced Microtick node and you need to set the MTROOT environment variable to the same directory your synced node is using, for example:

$ export MTROOT=$HOME/testnet


$ mtcli tx microtick settle <trade id>


Settles a trade that is still active but has reached expiration. Trades can only be settled once. The first party to settle a trade collects the "settle incentive" token amount held in escrow in the trade contract. Either trade counter party or any other Microtick account holder can issue a settle command for an active trade. Trade settlement still is paid to the trade counter parties even if a third party settles the trade.