How to Create a Validator

NOTE: Linux is currently the only supported platform for running a validator.

Creating a validator is done on the command line using the 'mtd' and 'mtcli' binaries from the Microtick binary releases. Running a validator also requires a running node, because blocks need to be signed as they happen. If the node goes down, your validator and the tokens delegated to it risk getting penalized (slashed) for downtime.

Running a validator on the Microtick zone is very similar to running a validator on the Cosmos Hub. Become familiar with the Cosmos Validator FAQ if you have not already.

The following command assumes you're just starting out with 1 TICK for stake (1 TICK = 1000000utick)

$ mtcli tx staking create-validator \
       --moniker="Your Moniker" \
        --amount=1000000utick \
       --pubkey=$(mtd tendermint show-validator) \
        --chain-id=microtickzone-a1 \
        --commission-rate=0.1 \
        --commission-max-rate=0.2 \
        --commission-max-change-rate=0.01 \
        --min-self-delegation=1 \
        --from=$(mtcli keys show operator -a)

Questions? The Microtick Telegram chat link is: