How to create an account on the GUI

Creating an account on the GUI is automatic. Select what type of account you would like to create (hardware wallet or software wallet). If you select "Hardware Wallet", you need to have the Cosmos Ledger app installed on your hardware device and it must be running and plugged in over USB for the GUI to connect to it.

If you select "Software Wallet", you will be prompted for a password to encrypt the private key information (choose a strong password and use a password manager, not a simple word or phrase). Once you have chosen a password, you will be presented with a 24 word seed phrase. WRITE THIS DOWN! This is the only way to recover your wallet if something goes wrong.

Once your account has been created, you can fund it by sending in ERC-20 DAI tokens using the "Fund Account" button. This requires 6 confirmations before transferring the DAI to your Microtick account. Due to gas prices the minimum deposit is 10 DAI and the maximum is 500 DAI.

Questions?  The Microtick Telegram chat link is: