How to Sync a Node

1. Download the binary release and Initialize

Download the latest binary release and drop the binaries into your path:

$ tar xf microtick-v1.0.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
$ sudo cp mtd mtcli /usr/bin

Choose a moniker (a name for your node)

$ mtd init <moniker>

2. Check out the Validator Repository and copy the Genesis.json file into place

$ git clone
$ cp validator/genesis.json $HOME/.microtick/mtd/config

3. Edit your config and add the seed nodes

Edit $HOME/.microtick/mtd/config/config.toml and replace the "seeds=" line with:

seeds = "922043cd83af759dd5a0605b32991667e8fd4977@,,

4. Start your node

$ mtd unsafe-reset-all
$ mtd start

Questions? The Microtick Telegram chat link is: