How To - Table of Contents

Run a Validator

Running a validator on the Microtick network involves three steps: syncing a node to the network, obtaining native staking tokens, and creating a validator.

Stake TICK

To stake TICK, the best web interface available right now is here:

Withdraw ATOM TOKENS to Osmosis

Because ATOM tokens are not the native Microtick asset, you'll need to enable Advanced IBC Transfers in Keplr settings to transfer them. Select Microtick as the network then click on IBC Transfer. Add a new IBC Transfer channel, select Osmosis as the destination chain, and use "channel-16" as the source channel from Microtick. Transfer a very small amount as a test - and if that works you're all set up.

Run A Market Maker

Using the GUI

The default Microtick GUI is a trading interface that allows you to create a hardware or software wallet, fund it and place trades. It provides a view into the market dynamics that is hopefully educational and informative.

Using the CLI - Microtick Specific Features



Other Documentation

The following material is included as historical documentation that provides supporting material and reference topics that are useful in spite of being slightly out of date.